Now the rubber meets the road.  Did we accurately identify our target market...our customer?  Do we understand what they want?  Have we developed and tested our product or service?  Do we have the right support mechanisms in place?  Have we messaged our solution in a clear and compelling manner?  Are we paying attention to critical hand-offs inside our organization?  What are we measuring?  How do we know we're on the right path?  Are we executing our sales plan?  How accurate is our forecasting?  Is production on schedule?  Are we delivering quality solutions?  How are sales, revenues, costs, and margins doing against our plan?  Rarefide takes a holistic view, helping you align  the moving parts within your organization to avoid pitfalls and maximize success.

Rarefide Services Overview


Consulting - Identifying High Level Trends

Regardless of your industry, change is coming.  Are you ready? 

Virtually every change is signaled beforehand.  America's Great Migration opened demand for mass transportation...railroads!  Ford's mass-production of the automobile signaled the need for better roads - and construction companies to build them...plus oil drilling equipment and refineries to fuel them.  Invention of the internet signaled future demand for  laptops, notepads and smartphones!  What signals are being sent in YOUR industry right now?  Rarefide will help you identify them so you can respond to them.

Strategic & Tactical plan Development

Strategic plans are great - assuming they're properly focused, understandable and executable. 

Easily said, difficult to do.  Your resources are scarce...your time is valuable.  Focus on the wrong thing and you risk damaging your organization.  Confusing or complex plans don't get executed.  Rarefide helps you identify high impact objectives and develop simple, executable plans to attain them.


You possess spot-on vision.  Great strategy.  You see where you need to go - you've decided how you'll get there.  All well and good.  Now it comes down to people - the ones who will execute your plan.

Do you have the right people?  Are they in the right roles?  Does your organizational structure help or hinder?  Is your culture conducive to maximizing success?  Are your people growing and developing?  Do you attract world-class people?  Are your best people staying...or leaving?  Rarefide sheds light on these essential areas and helps you maximize your most valuable resource...your people.