Confiding with you

Rarefide begins by confiding with you to understand your industry, your organization, your products/services, processes, and people. We then help you rise high above daily challenges into rarefied air to spot trends...impending trouble and significant opportunities.  It's a confiding, RAREFIDE process from start to finish.

But you must do more than identify trends.  You must develop focused strategies and tactics that, if executed effectively, deliver game-changing results.

If executed effectively.  You may see the trends, develop the plans and still not realize the game-changing impact if you fail to execute.

Rarefide process...Rarefide execution...Rarefide results.

It really is Rarefide

About Jim Lapinski - Rarefide's Founder

Sometimes, you just need someone who sees differently...who thinks differently.  Someone who asks different questions.  Someone who seeks different answers.  Because the game's changed.  The old questions...the old answers no longer work. 

Sometimes, you need someone like Jim Lapinski.

All industries face unprecedented challenges - and more importantly opportunities - wrought by the dizzying pace of change.  The technology  industry is the leader and driver behind this.  Companies such as AOL, Sun Microsystems and PALM exploded on the scene with powerful, innovative solutions that changed our world - and then died just as quickly.  The tech industry is the fastest rewarder and, at the same time, executioner of products, services and organizations. 

Jim brings a 30 year resume of remarkable success in the tech industry across a wide range products, services and companies.  His forte is stepping back and observing signals of pending change, grasping their significance, then developing and executing plans that actually drive the change.  He brings a track-record of delivering game-changing focus resulting in market-dominant success. 

In today's world, if an organization's not driving change, then change is driving the organization.  Jim will help your organization identify and seize new opportunity; enabling you to be an agent for - rather than a victim of change.