"Jim Lapinski embodies the very best traits of industry expertise...proven management and team building experience... visionary capabilities in capitalizing on new market opportunities... ”


execute for Results

Strategic PLANNING

You know where to go, but how do you get there?  What's your plan?  Rarefide brings clarity...

Rarefide helps you identify powerful trends, enabling you to innovate and set the proper course.

High-level trends

Lou Hart

New Markets  "Guru"

Great vision...great plan.  But  people execute.  Rarefide helps increase effectiveness of your people...your precious resource.

Human Effectiveness

"Our industry's changing.  Old approaches don't work.  now what...?"

Finding, Taking the Right Course

30 Years...Diverse Industries              game-changing record of success...

Sorting through the clutter...finding the best route.  Seeing patterns where others see complexity.  Not a skill that can be taught, but rather a distinct way of thinking.  Rarefide brings this to you and your organization.

Rarefide process.  Rarefide execution.  Rarefide results.

Great vision, plans and people require great processes to realize game-changing results.



  • Innovation for Industry Trends
  • Vision and Mission Definition
  • Strategic and Tactical Plans
  • Organizational Structure
  • Human Development
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Best Practice Sales Skills; Management and Execution
  • Team Facilitation, Formation  and Development